The Headspace Devlog 11/6/21 - Merry nearing completion, close to finishing up

Hello there, October was a pretty busy month for me, unfortunately, couldn't get as much done as I would have liked but I did manage to get quite a bit done with what little time I had. Let's get into it.

Updates on Merry and their current state in development.

So to start off, Merry is nearing completion, the player is able to journal with them and talk with them just as they have been able to do with Stephanie, the previous helper implemented in the first build of the game. Their area is also complete as well, with only some minor things being left unfinished. Allow me to show you around the place

First off, this is Merry's door. This door will be your way to access their realm in the Headspace and where you leave it.

When you go through Merry's door you will be greeted by a cloudy and foggy atmosphere, spooky.

When you make your way farther down to the edge of the field, to your left you should see a small and quaint little house. Wonder who that belongs to.

And here we have Merry themselves, they should be located to the right of the house, not too far from it. 

Currently, I have the journaling and talking aspects of the game already completed from the previous release (Screenshot Above, edited lightly to block out personal information), the only thing I'm currently focusing on right now for Merry is their dialogue and the keywords they are supposed to pick up when the player writes something down. I'm also planning to get rid of any bugs the player may run into.  As of right now, this is their current point in the development

Other things to expect in the Update

Although I originally planned this update to be fairly simple in nature I've come to the realization that lately, I haven't been having fun developing the game. It felt like I was repeating exactly what I did when I first released it and it became a drag quite quickly. So, I'm making a decision to expand the content of the next update along with Merryweather, only by a little bit though, as somewhat of a test run to see how it's taken. I won't go into too much detail as to what you will be receiving as plans may change further down the line but here is a very vague overview:

  • The ability to pick up/throw/put down things using your mouse.
  • Access to another area within the Headspace main room
  • The ability to view your past journal entries (I had originally planned to do this during the game jam but time was not on my side)
  • Some small adjustments to make gameplay easier

These are all of the changes that I've decided might be able to make it into the next update. There will also be an option on the main menu screen where you can send me more personal feedback relating to what you as a player experienced while the game. I plan to go over the specifics of that feature once the update is released. 


That concludes this update to The Headspace, I hope you are looking forward to what's in store for the next update, I've been held hostage by the responsibilities of life for so long it feels good trying to get back into development again. With that, I'll leave this update here.

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