Project 4th Wall: UPDATE 5/11/18

Hello hello everyone! although I'm sad to say the Hiatus isn't completely over it will be over soon. However I do have some updates to share since I have been periodically working on the game but in very small amounts.

first thing I'd like to note is that both R.A.M and R.O.M have fully functioning mini games as of now. R.O.M has a puzzle game while R.A.M has a repeat the sequence type of game. Both of these mini games will allow you to gain points for R.A.M and R.O.M respectively although they'll be earned in different ways.  

Secondly, I'm slowly starting to get to developing the ending portion of R.A.M's route. R.A.M himself is going to have two endings exactly like R.O.M's (although one of his endings will take you for a bit of a loop). I'll also eventually get to developing the ending that ties the two routes together which will be fun. 

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