A downloadable Project 4th Wall for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Hello and welcome to Project 4th Wall,  you have been chosen to test an experiment that will determine if artificial intelligence will be able to live amongst humankind. In this experiment you will be testing two AI's named Subject R.O.M and Subject R.A.M, with the help of your trusted companion GUIDE you will be able to successfully complete this  experiment. However, is there more behind this experiment than meets the eye....?


Project4thWall-[1.0.3]-mac.zip 38 MB
Project4thWall-[1.0.3]-pc.zip 54 MB

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I love all the reference from the inner-working of computer included in this VN and how the term also seems forming the characters. But man... it still surprises me for the literal "breaking the 4th wall" theme it took (*a bit spoiler* THAT LOSS OF SAVE AND THAT ERROR PAGE AND THE INABILITY TO CLICK ANYTHING), and when it comes to the riddle of the Input Command, it feels rather hard :'D

Nonetheless, it has been an entertaining and also thrilling (if not panicking) experience thorough the story ^^

Thank you so much! I'm honestly really glad that you got to that half of the game because I figured the option to continue without asking ram or rom anything could be confusing (might fix that later) .  Have you played the true end by any chance?  because if not you might find more secrets there as well ;).  Although, with you talking about the saves I think you've probably already ran into you-know-who already lol.

but anyways, thank you so much for taking a look at my game. It means a lot to me :)

Yeah, I already encountered you-know-who and that was part of the surprise I didn't expect :'D

Actually, discovering the other non-too-related character through you-know-who is a fair approach, . But, I recall that the specific input is rather long to type and didn't work (or difficult to breach?) when I asked about Keith.

However, it has been my pleasure to play and review this game here :)