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This is an entry for the DarkTober Game Jam. Thank you so much to 5targuy for reopening the Jam and allowing me (as well as others) to fix things in their submissions, it really means a lot to me . This is a demo for a game project that I have had in mind for a while, and further development will take place after the Jam if the idea is received well. Constructive criticism is welcome  and I hope you all enjoy


Sadie (MC) goes to an abandoned hotel with one of her friends Adri, rumor has it that the hotel is haunted by murders that took place in the hotel. When the two get there they quickly realize that the rumors aren't too far from the truth, this hotel is filled with skeletons, zombies, ghosts and other creatures of the dead. All of the ghouls  in this hotel have a story and it's your job to help Adri piece the puzzle together to find out what really happened in this haunted hotel!


LittleNightmares-Demo-pc.zip 36 MB
LittleNightmares-Demo-mac.zip 21 MB

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